Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

Hadoop is most used Big Data platform and there is very high demand of skilled Hadoop developer/administrator/data analysts in the current IT job market.

Top Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

Hadoop is Big Data platform begin developed at Apache Software foundation. Its topmost Big Data platform with unlimited capabilities, many applications (Hadoop ecosystem applications) comes with Hadoop which makes it very robust and scalable platform for Big Data.

If you want to know all the Big Data Platform which is in market then we have provided all the information at What is Big Data Platform? page.

In this section we are giving you the top interview questions and answers of Apache Hadoop.

Interview questions with answers of Hadoop

  1. What is Big Data?
  2. What is Hadoop?
  3. What are the main components of a Hadoop Application?
  4. What do the four V's of Big Data denote?
  5. Why use Spark for Big Data Analytics?
  6. What are the features of Spark Framework?
  7. Name the most common Input Formats defined in Hadoop? Which one is default?
  8. What is InputSplit in Hadoop?
  9. How is the splitting of file invoked in Hadoop framework?
  10. What is the purpose of RecordReader in Hadoop?
  11. What is a Combiner in Hadoop?
  12. What is JobTracker in Hadoop?
  13. What are some typical functions of Job Tracker in Hadoop?
  14. What is TaskTracker in Hadoop?
  15. What is the relationship between jobs and tasks in Hadoop?
  16. How does speculative execution work in Hadoop?
  17. What is distributed cache in Hadoop?
  18. Have you ever used Counters in Hadoop?
  19. Is it possible to have Hadoop job output in multiple directories? If yes, then how?
  20. How did you debug your Hadoop code?
  21. What is Difference between Secondary Namenode, Checkpoint Namenode & Backupnode?
  22. What are the Side Data Distribution Techniques?
  23. What is shuffleing in MapReduce?
  24. What is partitioning?
  25. Can we deploy job tracker other than name node?
  26. What is a block and block scanner in HDFS?
  27. Explain the usage of Context Object in MapReduce
  28. What are the core methods of a Reducer?
  29. When should you use HBase and what are the key components of HBase?
  30. Explain about some important Sqoop commands other than import and export.
  31. Explain about the core components of Flume.
  32. Can Apache Kafka be used without Zookeeper?
  33. What do you mean by a bag in Pig?
  34. What is a Hive Metastore?
  35. Which is the stable versions of Hadoop?
  36. What is Apache Hadoop YARN?
  37. What is Hadoop streaming?
  38. What is the best hardware configuration to run Hadoop?
  39. What are the most commonly defined input formats in Hadoop?
  40. Explain the difference between NAS and HDFS.
  41. What are the different types of Znodes?
  42. What are watches?
  43. Which is the latest version of Hadoop?
  44. Explain about co-group in Pig
  45. How can you connect an application, if you run Hive as a server?
  46. What are the core changes in Hadoop 2.0?
  47. How is the distance between two nodes defined in Hadoop?
  48. Big Data and Hadoop Job Growth Trends
  49. What do you understand by Big Data platform?
  50. What are other Big Data Platform?
  51. What is Big Table?
  52. Who is developing Hadoop?
  53. What do you understand by Hadoop ecosystem?
  54. What are the components of Hadoop ecosystem?
  55. How to backup in Big Data environment?
  56. What Cassandra and how it used in Big Data environment?
  57. What is spatial data?
  58. How to analyze image with Hadoop?
  59. How to you understand by machine learning?
  60. What are the frameworks for machine learning?
  61. Is Big Data dead?
  62. Is HBase dead?
  63. What is Apache Giraph?
  64. How to create new node in Hadoop cluster?
  65. What is NoSQL database?

Big Data Tutorials

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Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

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