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Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
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How Big Data Analysis is done? How one can use Hadoop for Big Data Analytics?



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February 13, 2017 at 10:18 PM

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

Hadoop is distributed file system and analytics engine for analysis of huge set of data on 100s or even 1000s of networked commodity severs.

Hadoop engine is used for Analytics and generating meaningful reports from pool of various types of data. Businesses around the world are using these technologies for generating more income from their business.

In real time you can use Big Data/Hadoop for storing application messages, blog entries, video clips uploaded by user, manage maps, use for storing graph data and so.

Hadoop provides:

a) Storage

b) Processing power

c) Analytics

You can also use it to store friends networks, social networks etc. for social networking websites.

Hadoop can be used to store the web applications logs, system logs, and any other types of logs of our applications.

Then use Big Data and Hadoop technologies to analyze all such type of data. Big data offers various types of analysis algorithm for application developers.

You can process these data and generate business value out of these data. Hadoop are massively scalable with huge power of processing data.

It supports parallel processing which further can be scaled to meet business requirement.

Application of Big Data can be very vast but here are few important domains where Hadoop is successfully used:

  1. Digital Marketing Optimization

  2. Data exploration and discovery (Product and sales data for online shopping portal and stores)

  3. Fraud detection and prevention

  4. Social network and relationship in the network

  5. Fraud detection in banking

  6. Fraud detection for telecom industry

  7. Data retention (for retaining the long term data and for archiving purposes)

Important case studies:

Following most relevant case studies of using Big Data:

  1. Energy

  2. Manufacturing

  3. Public data

  4. Telecommunications

  5. Media

  6. Retail

  7. Insurance

  8. Healthcare

Big Data uses Hadoop Distributed file System for storing such a high volume of data which further can be processed in real-time if necessary.

Apache Spark Framework can be used with Hadoop ecosystem for real-time processing and generation of reports.

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February 13, 2017 at 10:32 PM

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