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Big Data tools - Hadoop - Why Hadoop as Big Data tool?
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How we can say that Hadoop is a Big Data Tool? What are the benefits of Hadoop in Big Data Environment?



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February 13, 2017 at 7:05 PM


Hadoop is one of the most important tools of the Big Data. It is designed to do following work:

  • Store: Hadoop is distributed file system and holds the data in Big Data Environment.

  • Process: It provides various types of activities like cleaning, enriching, calculating, transforming and running various types of algorithms on the data. Processing is done on each node where data resides.

  • Access/Search: It provides the way for searching the stored data. Searching of data is also very fast as the search work is distributed on different data nodes where data resides.

Hadoop plays central roles in Data Management and running the search algorithm.

So, developers should learn Hadoop in detail.

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