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Struts2 validation Procedure
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In struts2 Which one is best XML Validation or Programatic validation? and which one is used in real world application?

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struts2  i m beginner for struts2.i tried helloworld program from roseindia tutorial.But HelloWorld.jsp file didnt showing the current date and time. when i execute the program it showing this only Current date and time
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Struts2  S:select tag is being used in my jsp, to create a drop down list. The drop down works very well in Mozilla, but in IE7 it behaves very weird, meaning that the drop down wen clicked it just jumps out from the first row
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Stored Procedure and Trigger  hello, What is the difference between Stored Procedure and Trigger ?   hii, Triggers once defined are called automatically, there can be no explicit invocation Stored procedure has
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Spring Struts2 Acegi  I want to implement Springs Acegi security with Struts2. Can some one provide me source code for that? Thanks in advance
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Spring3 integration with Struts2  Hi, How I can Integrate Spring3 with Struts2? Give me full code or a running project. Thanks
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Struts2 Spring Hibernate integration  How to integrate Struts2 Spring2.5 and Hibernate3 in a web application project?Could anyone give some example
procedure with code - JavaMail
procedure with code  hi thank u for sending a suitable link. but in that no info about sent item folder creation. i want to place a SENT MAIL FOLDER like inbox. so all the mails that r send r srored in sent mails folder. pls
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Until Loop In a Procedure       Until Loop In a Procedure is used to execute a set of statements... in a procedure. This Tutorial provides you an example to understand 'Until Loop
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Struts2 And Hibernate Configuration  Sir, I am new to struts2, I am trying to write a program using struts2 and hibernate. I want to know how to configure the combination of both the tools. I am waiting for the reply
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What is difference between a PROCEDURE & FUNCTION ?  What is difference between a PROCEDURE & FUNCTION
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how to write store procedure in sql  How to write a store procedure in SQL Server
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