Is learning Java worthwhile?



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Is learning Java worthwhile?
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After completing my engineering I am looking for the programming languages which is good for getting job. Which programming languages are good and worth to learn?

I am thinking of learning Java also.

Is learning Java worthwhile?


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April 4, 2017 at 7:58 PM


In one word: Its worth to learn Java.

Why Learn Java?

Java is platform independent programming language which is object oriented and very popular for writing enterprise applications. Java comes in:

  • Java SE ( Java Standard Edition) - For developing desktop and application that runs in command prompt.

  • Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) - For developing applications for enterprise which can run on application servers and user can access applications from web browsers.

  • Java ME - For developing applications for mobile phones

Android: There is another platform and OS which is known is Android, which is used for developing applications for smartphones running on Android operating system.

So Java offers so much things to developers which can be used for developing almost all the applications needed by enterprise.

Learning Java will give you following benefits:

  • Develop applications for Android mobile phones

  • Develop Web and Enterprise web applications

  • Develop cross platform applications

  • Develop applications for Big Data and Data analytics.

So, its worthwhile to learn Java and get good job in the market.

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