login page using jsp servlrt with mysql database?


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rakesh dilip patil
login page using jsp servlrt with mysql database?
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Description: example:total users are 3.each use have username and password save in mysql database table login. After successfully login user1 see only index page,if user2 login then he see only visiter page and so on. please gine me any suggession. Thanks.......

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February 11, 2013 at 4:59 PM

hi friend,

According to the problem discussed above you should first get the user name and password from the form and fetch the username and password record from the database table then match both the form value and the database record if it returns true then use RequestDispatcher in your controller and forward to the required page available in the same context.

For detail tutorial you may go through the following link may this will be helpful for you

Login Authentication using Bean and Servlet In JSP


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