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What are the benefits of ORM and Hibernate?
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What are the benefits of ORM and Hibernate?


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April 22, 2013 at 5:00 PM


The main benefits of Object Relational Mapping tools of hibernate is that O/RM maps an object to the relational database table. Hibernate is also an O/RM and is available as open source project. To use Hibernate with Java you will be required to create a file with .hbm.xml extension into which the mapping information will be provided.

  1. The SQL Code/ state,emt in application can be obviated without writing complex JDBC / Entity Bean code.
  2. Distributed transaction can simply be performed by using ORM tools.
  3. Hibernate is an open source ORM tool and a robust framework to perform Object Relational Mapping.
  4. Without much of SQL knowledge, one can master Hibernate easily.

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