Hibernate Query related


Hibernate Query related

Pintu Ranjan Sai
Hibernate Query related
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Actully i want to retrieve data from multiple file by using this query:
SELECT a.PROD_ID AS Product_Id, 
       b.PROD_N AS Product_Name,
       c.MEDIA_URL AS Image_url,
       d.SAL_AMT AS Product_Price,
       e.WEB_URL AS Retailer_url
       FROM bzzshp_prd_rtlr_infos a, 
                      bzzshp_prod b,
                      bzzshp_media c,
                      bzzshp_prd_rtlr_info d,
                      bzzshp_source e
                      WHERE a.PROD_ID=b.PROD_I 
                            a.PROD_ID IN(2624102169,2233321918)
So i donot understand how to  write hbm.xml file for mapping
and retrieve the data.
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August 9, 2012 at 6:12 PM

Please visit the following link:

Hibernate Tutorials


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